Monday, December 20, 2010

With a Grateful Heart

We had so very much to be grateful for this past Thanksgiving! We were able to visit with Aurora's birth family, see some dear friends and some family for little over a week!
We stayed at Alyssa's 3 bedroom apartment (Thanks! You're the best!) and at any given time there was usually around 11 of us staying there!
Crazy I know, but it went really well!

We read lots and lots of books 

Made lots of crafts and sang songs

Played in lots of snow.
There was a forecast for a blizzard while we were there. The worst storm in a decade. 
Although it did snow and blow- it really wasn't all that bad which was really too bad.

(Here Daddy it tastes great!)

Can you believe my own husband of 9 years did this to me....

...good thing I caught it on video to show the authorities.
(Officer, please see the snowball frozen in time in the upper left hand corner in the last frame)

We also had a birthday celebration, went to the dinosaur museum and the aquarium

Aurora loved the penguins

Aurora caught the 2nd boat ashore since the 1st one was a little too crowded for her liking.

We played lots of games, some football and of course ate lots & lots of food!

Jared carved his very first turkey!

A trip to In & Out where we had burgers "animal style."

Fighting over the last bit of strawberry shake

Of course being the big Harry Potter fans that we are...saw Deathly Hallows Part I
(I usually dubb it HP7a).

Loved it! Absolutely loved it!

Also, Jared and I celebrated our 9th anniversary while we were there.
We were able to go to the temple together.
Love him! Absolutely love him!

Quite the week and we still didn't get to see all of the friends we wanted to...sorry dear ones!

How very blessed are we!


  1. Ah, Hallie has those same jammies! So cute.

  2. What a fun time! Thanks for being such great friends to Alyssa and her kids. It looks like everyone enjoyed your visit!