Thursday, February 17, 2011

Technical Difficulties

We appreciate your patience as we work out our technical difficulties.
Now if I could just get my hands on some of that patience.

I know I promised I would post Christmas pics by Valentines and would of accomplished my goal by that deadline if it hadn't been for several technical difficulties. First, we upgraded our computer from XP to Windows7. Before doing so we backed up everything onto the hard drive, at least we thought we did. Now I can't find our Christmas pics anywhere. Of course we just cancelled our subscription to Mozy (an online back-up system) because we just got this new hard drive. It appears that over a 100 pics and videos from Christmas are gone.

I rallied myself after several days of mourning to post more recent pics of our comings and goings but that was when we discovered our internet was down for a couple of days.

Then I went to take pictures and discovered our almost 2 year old camera was not working. The estimate to fix it is almost as much as we paid for the camera new. Sigh.

We borrowed Jared's work camera since he's not out working in the "field" at the moment but so far all the pictures are blurry...I don't know what the issue is. Also when I recorded some videos, (like the last swim lesson for the Daddy & Me program that Aurora and Jared participated in) apparently the mute button was on and the videos don't have any sound.

So, all in all I'm quite dishearten and don't have a desire to blog much at the moment with everything conspiring against me to do so. I might post some pics from Valentine's Day that I took with the work camera but maybe not since they're not very good.

What is kind of funny is that we had technical issues and difficulties about this time last year. Sigh. Well, maybe not that funny.

I know I'll recover soon and be back to blogging because Aurora is growing so fast and I have lots of things I want to document, remember and share about this time period. Until then, wishing you better luck with your technical appendages in life.