Thursday, February 23, 2012

Halloween 2011

I know, it's shocking that I'm actually blogging again... I wonder if anyone even checks it anymore.

We paint our pumpkins every's just quicker and easier.

I gave Aurora several options for costumes for Halloween over several weeks
 but she consistently chose Pirate and Dinosaur.
So here is her Pirate costume that I found on Craig's List for $4.

This is at the library's Halloween party
where Aurora was the ONLY girl NOT in a tutu...
there were lots of princesses, fairies and one ballerina cat
and then my little pirate girl.
She, of course, didn't notice that she was different.
I wish this stage could last forever:
doing what you want, being who you are no matter what everyone else is doing. 

Note the moving boxes in the background: We moved 2 weeks later.

Even though we don't carve pumpkins,
(not yet--we will when Lil A is a bit that point should we start calling her Big A?)
I wanted something to light up our porch Halloween night and found inspiration in my all time fave magazine Family Fun.
These are just some jars that I had and I wasn't willing to pack up and move to Ohio
so we painted half of them using masking tape for the faces and then modge podge the others with orange tissue paper and drew on the faces.
They looked great on our porch that night

So for our church's Trunk or Treat party Aurora wanted to be a dinosaur this time.
Regretfully we did not get a good shot of her in this costume. She kept taking off her dinosaur hood. We also failed to get a pic of Jared and I with our dinosaur hoods on. Although Jared doesn't regret that picture being neglected.
There was quite a bit more variety in costumes at this party and another child (albeit a boy) even had the same costume as Aurora.

Aurora LOVES dinosaurs. She can identify correctly a triceratops, stegosaurus, t-rex, pteranodon, ankylosaurus, and a brachiosaurus. She is working on adding lambeosaurus, velociraptor, and maiasaura to her list.

We've taught her to say when she puts on her dinosaur costume:
 "My name is Au-ROAR-A".