Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I know its been over a month since I've posted and I'm going to post something completely random.
But it made me happy so maybe it will make you happy
especially those of you who are children of the 80's!

I was at Target and I found Rainbow Brite post-it notes. They made me smile so big!
I bought them...they were only a $1.

Then I started thinking about how I wanted Aurora to have a Rainbow Brite doll
(I loved my doll and I used to have Starlite too!)

which led to wanting a Popples backpack for her
(I loved the show and always wanted a backpack myself)

which led to My Little Pony figurines
(I didn't care for the show but loved the toys)

which led to a Thundercats something (maybe a t-shirt with the logo?)
 and watching the opening theme song on YouTube
(Loved the show and owned a Thundercats sleeping bag).

Am I missing anything?

Oh yeah...
I did like She-Ra the Princess of Power so Lil A will need an action figure...

maybe something from the Smurfs...

or the Snorks

or possibly Jem & the Holograms

Aurora already owns several CareBear bears, videos, a costume and a blanket.
So she's covered there.

I never watched or owned much in the way of Strawberry Shortcake... 

So should I let Aurora find her own childhood favorites instead of forcing mine upon her?


One more thing that I found...

a My Little Pony Princess Leia!

Okay, okay back to 2010 for the next post, I promise.