Friday, December 10, 2010

More Catch-Up

Okay, I lied. This isn't Thanksgiving pics but a few more random ones from Oct & Nov.

We visited Aunt Tiffany & Uncle Erich and the cousins when I presented at the regional FSA adoption conference. I never take very many pictures when I'm with family & friends. It seems like I have to choose between enjoying and living the experience or documenting the experience. But here are a few from the fun 4-5 days we were there.

My friend Camille, recently moved away. I miss her and her family so part of my grieving process is to post a couple pics from one of the times we went to the zoo.

So here is what we are getting Aurora for Christmas but don't tell her!

A box

and her very own toy vacuum 

Is there a better picture in the world than a man vacuuming and holding his child? :)

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