Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Edwards Family Day

One Saturday in October we celebrated the day that Aurora was sealed to us forever in the temple by having a family day.
It was a much needed day just to be together as a family and take a break from our very busy lives.  Also Jared had been away from us working out of town Mon-Fri for 2 months and he was finally home to stay. Another reason to celebrate!

The day was glorious!

It started out by making t-shirts for the special day. Jared looked at me rather disbelieving when I got out the markers and shirts but I had warned him this was going to be an "event." He's lucky the "family song" I'd been creating in my head didn't come together until the end of the day and I didn't force him to sing it! :)

Back of the shirts.

The best pic we got of the front of the shirts.

We went hiking at a nature preserve located at the local monastery.
(How often does one get to say something like that?)
We hiked around this beautiful lake.

The trees were gorgeous and the weather perfect!

There were so many interesting spots and places we discovered...this was one of my favorites.

Aurora travelled mostly by backpack but sometimes she went
by foot.

She is quite quick now and if there is space to run, she will.

We saw all kinds of wildlife too. Ducks, bullfrogs, fish, rabbits, squirrels, birds etc...

Jared pointed out all the interesting plants and trees such as spicebush which I love the way it smells.
I want to plant some in my yard.
We also collected leaves for the collage that we will make of our adventure.

Look, how cool is this?!

Here we are collecting some shells for the collage and getting a closer look at some fish.
I'm trying to keep Lil A from losing her shoes in the mud. Also, I clean up a little easier than she does.
We ate lunch at a picnic shelter at the end of the trail.
We then went to an outdoor concert (sorry no pics) and finished the day out with some ice cream.

I am so very grateful for my fabulous husband and the little ray of sunshine that is my daughter.
What a wonderful blessing it is to be a forever family!

The girls

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  1. I hadn't realized how long your hair is getting! Wow! How cool. :) And man that monastery has a gorgeous nature preserve. It sounds like a pretty perfect day and definitely one worth commemorating!