Friday, December 10, 2010

Aurora at 18 months

Aurora will be 19 months in a couple of days! She is getting so big!
  • She goes to nursery at church now and does really well. Only crying for the first minute after separation. 
  • She is starting to do a little pretend play. She will pour some pretend tea (herbal tea of course) from her tea pot and then pretend to drink from her cute! She talks to her stuffed animals and dolls.
  •  She talks quite a bit in general, although probably only Jared and I understand her. She says "please" quite consistently and "thank you" quite inconsistently.  She can make pretty much all the appropriate sounds for almost any animal and tons more words. 
  • She loves singing. So without further ado here she is singing her rendition of "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" that she has entitled "Jesus Sunbeep"

Here is the Winnie the Pooh song.

As with every stage and transition that she grows into I have a hard time keeping up at first. This week she has been into EVERYTHING.
  • We have to keep the trash can turned around facing backwards toward the wall or she will get in it and eat things. So gross.
  • We have to keep the bathroom door closed because she can lift the toliet seat up and loves to splash in it. Very gross.
  • Recently she unrolled a whole roll of toliet paper in a record time of about 5 seconds and then proceeded to carry it around with her all day with long trails of toliet paper streaming behind her. She alternated between calling it "blanket" & cuddling with it to blowing her nose on it. (She recently had a cold). So fun.
  • She won't hold still whatsoever for a diaper change and during certain diaper changes it becomes a literal, utter mess. Poo is everywhere and I most certaintly do not mean Winnie the Pooh either. Very fun and very gross. 
But as always I know I will eventually adjust and we will have a few great weeks until the next stage!  I know I will be a little sad at the passing of another stage.  For soon the crayon drawings on the front door will stop and I will miss them. A lot. 
So I try to laugh when something like the toliet paper incident happens. And I keep closing doors and washing hands a million times a day and try to smile at the same time. And I try to find new ways to help the diaper changing to go smoothly and keep the expletives in my head.

I wouldn't trade a single experience for the world!


  1. It's been a while since I have had a toddler just reading this reminds me of all the baby proofing I need to do, before Katelynn is in that fun stage, it is so exhausting! She is darling, I love the videos of her singing.

  2. Love the Sunbeep!!

    It always seems to me like they are two steps ahead of me... and here I had always thought that parents were supposed to have everything figured out. Maybe since I'm the third by the time I came along my parents did? It always seems like just when I've gotten everything out of her reach, she grows an inch... or figures out how to pull the chair over to the counter. Oh dear.

  3. She is SO ADORABLE! Those videos are priceless!