Monday, June 20, 2011

Can You "Spot" the Birthday Girl?

Aurora's 2nd birthday party was "Spot" themed based off some of A's favorite books by Eric Hill.

 In one of the books, Spot goes to a costume party, so I put a large trunk of costumes out for ALL our party guests, adults included. 

Apparently upside down sunglasses are all the rage among the toddler crowd. 

Gpa Mac

Gma Mac

Uncle Aaron & Aunt Kayla

Aunt Jessie also attended the party but she's the one who took all these pics for us! Thanks! And also Momma A was visiting us for the week which was a great treat and blessing.

After trying on lots of costumes we had a parade with party blowers to show off our savvy costumes. This was A's favorite part.
I decorated for the party with "spots" by stringing up some pom-poms (super easy and very cute!) and a colorful spotted tablecloth.

We then read the lift the flap book Spot's Birthday Party with each child getting the
chance to lift 2 flaps.
In this book Spot plays Hide & Seek with his friends at his party...
(the official party guests: Addie, Lydia, Trenton, & Alyssa) I hid paper puppets of some of the Spot characters around the house.
The kids had to find them, then color them and tape them to craft sticks.

Puppet coloring.

 Candle time!

Besides serving brownies (Aurora's not big on cake) all the kids were served ice cream in a dog shape cookie cutter and were given mini M&M's to decorate their dogs w/ spots. 

This is Aurora's twin...
whenever Alyssa is out with us, I get asked if they are twins by everyone! :)

Another family friend, Princess Emily.

Thanks everyone for coming! It was soooo much fun!