Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apple Picking

On Labor Day
our friends, the Birds,
take their annual trip to the apple orchard.

It's been a few years since we were able to go.
So we were excited to take Aurora on her first apple picking experience.

The trees were laden with apples!

Daddy showing Lil A how to pick the perfect apple.

Lil A saying "Oh yeah, I can do this!"

Apple picking is hard work, so several different modes of transportation was needed.

The fruit of our labors! Yum.

We then cooled down (it was gorgeous weather but a little warm being in the mid-high 80's) in the rocking chairs on the shady porch with the most delicious apple cider slushies and homemade blackberry ice cream.

Before we left, we raced the chickens.
I think the chicken is winning.

This reminded me of our very first outing with Aurora.

The orchard had a Labor Day special: buy one bushel, get one free.
Not one to let a good deal slip by: We had a lot of apples.
 Lots and lots of apples.
I made 2 apple pies, a large pan of apple crisp and several caramel apples.

In fact, just today, we ate our very last apple from the orchard.
(They keep pretty well in the crisper drawer in the fridge)

Random Tidbit:
In my family history, we are related to the man who bred the apple now known as the Red Delicious.

Random Tidbit #2:
Also in my family history, the McCullough's (my maiden name) created the first soft serve ice cream. They eventually sold their rights to Dairy Queen. Look at the first line from a display in DQ.

You would think with that kind of heritage, I would be rich or at the very least have free ice cream and apples available to me for life. But no such luck.
What I did inherit was a love for ice cream (food in general, actually) and the resulting pounds. :)

Hope your Fall has been beautiful and bountiful!