Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Day on the Farm

Aurora about to go outside for an adventure on the farm.

Okay, these pictures are going to take a little explanation. For our wedding 7 1/2 years ago we had a friend paint this bride and groom cutout for some fun pics at our reception. My dad being raised by goodly parents who lived during the depression, saved it in his scrap wood pile. When he needed a door for the chicken coop --voila-- a door for the chicken coop. I think I can hear "The Circle of Life" music in the background. I wonder what symbolism or meaning this holds for our marriage.

When Momma A heard this story when we had dinner with my family before Aurora was born she found it quite funny and wanted pics. Here you go Momma A! It really is quite impressive that the only thing my dad bought to make the whole coop and the run was a couple of hinges.

I had planned to post our picture from the reception but realized that Jared and I never got one, I guess because we were already the bride and groom at the time.

The chickens

Aurora did really well on the adventure.
Most babies don't like the wind but she just curled up on Daddy and was content.

Visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Mac

While we were waiting for the approval from KY and IN governments of the adoption paperwork, we stayed with my parents for a week.
Here is an aerial picture of where I basically grew up and Aurora spent her first week. It has changed over the years. At times there was a large backstop for our baseball games, at another time a corral for our ponies, and the pool is still relatively new. What hasn't changed is that we live literally in the middle of nowhere and I love it.

Grandma with Aurora.
I've gotten to be really spoiled and I will miss having my mom help with Aurora, making dinners and just having good adult conversation.
Grandpa with "Rory"
Aurora wasn't feeling so well one day and she had been fussy and not sleeping well. Since Jared was in Lexington, Grandpa gave Aurora a blessing. It was very special and I am extremely grateful to all the worthy priesthood holders in my life. She was fine afterwards.

Uncle Aaron, one of 7 uncles on my side of the family alone!

Uncle Joe and his fiancee, Rachel.
(Did you noticed that Aurora has a different hair bow on in every picture...I'm telling you I may be a little obsessed with my daughter's beautiful hair!)

Momma A

As of right now, we (Momma A, Jared and I) have decided that we will not be posting any pictures of Momma A, Aurora's birth mother. It feels weird not to be able to use her name and post pictures of this amazing woman. She exemplifies faith, optimism/hope and humility. Her sacrifice and service to do something for Jared and I that we could not do for ourselves has sanctified our lives and the life of our daughter. We love you Momma A!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving the Hospital

Going home outfit (or at least to Grandma's which is our home away from home)
I'm very excited about all of Aurora's hair. I have many, many more hairbows...

Daddy and Aurora


Here is our first child and daughter, Aurora May in her first minutes of life. Momma A's (the birthmom) water broke around 7:15pm and Aurora was born at 10:36pm. It was the first birth that Jared or I have ever attended. It was amazing, educational and just a little traumatic (at least to me...I feel even more strongly that adoption is for me!)

Aurora May at 7.6 lbs and 20.5 inches.

Jared got to cut the umbilical cord (sorry no pics).

First family picture

First diaper change.

Even though I am the older sister of 4, have babysat and been a nanny etc... I was soooo nervous changing her diaper!

First nap of many to come!

Graduation Party

I was sad when I missed my rite of passage -the graduation party- because I was in Indiana on baby business. I really wanted to mark the 2 years of pain, suffering etc. and hopefully give it some meaning.
So my parents took me to dinner (sorry no pics). And my friends threw a party for me later. Like the baby shower just having small celebrations was surprisingly helpful and healing.

Extraordinary strawberry cake!

This is my serious smile for the serious occasion of opening a present that looks like a diploma. (It was the baking mat that I have been coveting from Alyssa). Please note that I may not bleed blue but I did wear my UK shirt to the graduation party.

A couple of party guests, Bekah and Lu, exercising more than just the gray matter of their brains.

A Baby Shower

The wonderful hostesses: Christina and Rozalyn

I was expecting the baby shower to be fun because what isn't fun about friends, food, gifts, being the center of attention?! What I wasn't expecting was how much it helped me feel emotionally prepared for motherhood, how it helped ease the stress of the transition and made the whole experience seem more real.