Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's with The McCulloughs & Co.

Usually Christmas with my family (or any get-together for that matter) is the largest social event we go to and it seems that my family heard that this year Jared's family was rivaling everyone brought their dogs. We had 5 dogs there on top of the 10 people (we missed Joe & Rachel who couldn't come from Idaho and Jeremy on his mission in Chile).

Aurora knows what the tree and presents mean now...

...more wrapping paper!!!

Here is a cute outfit Aunt Jessie gave Lil A.

Grandpa & Rory

Of course, there was a lot of game playing: Ticket to Ride, Settlers, Texas Hold Em' & the Wii.

Also a lot of eating, talking and movie watching. We all went and saw Avatar 3D in the theater and to my surprise I loved it.

Aurora & Cousin Sabra

But a lot of the celebrating was cut short when a violent stomach flu hit. Mom got it first, followed by Dad, Jessie, and Sabra. After we left, Tom and Josh both came down with it. Jared and I prayed and prayed that Aurora wouldn't get it and our prayers were heard...amazingly she never did get sick. Jared and I didn't get it any worse than feeling just a little queasy.

It was still fun and I'm excited and ready to see what this New Year brings all our families!


  1. I'm glad Aurora didn't get the stomach flu!! :) It sounds like a nice Christmas other than the last part about sickness. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family. :) Aurora is getting so big! :)

  2. Wait, are you calling Aurora Rory sometimes now? Pretty cute! This post was awesome - and what would the holidays be without stomach flu?

  3. Jared doesn't like "Rory" so we don't call her that. It's her special name with my dad.