Monday, January 11, 2010

Aurora's First Tooth

It's official, Aurora's first tooth has finally broken through and is here to stay...well at least until it falls out in a few years. The tooth is located on the bottom, center left. I don't have any pictures because you can't see it when she just smiles normally and if I try to open her mouth to get the shot her tongue is always in the way. You'll just have to use your imagination or come visit us.
She wasn't particularly fussy, so it appears that the tooth didn't give her much pain. She has been gnawing on things for a long time and this past week increased the tempo and the number of things that went into her mouth. Today she really enjoyed a carrot stick for almost a solid hour. The day before, it was the big plastic handle on the finger nail clippers (Jared allowed that one to happen). For whatever reason she loves cords or strings that are on some toys like her Hufflelump or on her parents' sweatshirts (I wouldn't think there would be a whole lot to chew on with a small cord). She loves to have her "teeth brushed" (which for right now involves using a warm washcloth) which is nice and I hope that the good habit continues.
She keeps getting bigger and bigger...she is 8 months today!

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  1. Hooray! Can't believe she is 8 months though - I thought she was only 6 when I left...time flies too fast. Love you guys!