Monday, December 14, 2009

On the Second Day of Christmas... true friends gave to me a 5k Reindeer Ramble!

I was peer pressured (when do I get too old so peer pressure doesn't work on me anymore?) into joining a group of friends, who are mostly all runners even though most said they weren't "runners", in supporting the YMCA by paying money to run (and in my case walk part way) in a 5k.

If my friends are not runners then I'm not sure where that leaves me. I am most absolutely not in any shape or form a runner. I love playing sports, taking classes at the gym and working out on an elliptical but have always disliked, okay hate is probably a little closer to the truth, running.

I complained about the 5k for 2 weeks (maybe longer) and one night while contemplating the mess I had gotten myself into, I turned to Jared who has more wisdom in this area since he ran track in H.S. and asked "Why do people run?" Despite his greater knowledge he didn't answer but he did laugh. I pressed further "No, really why do people pay money to run?" He seemed to realize I was looking at him expectantly, waiting for an answer. After another laugh, he said "Some people enjoy it. It's fun." I contemplated this piece of information and then asked "Why am I doing it?" He snorted and answered "I have no idea!" Later, I found out that Jared had placed money on me that I would wake up the day of the run and suddenly and seriously be too ill to run.

But the day came and I grabbed my reindeer antlers (oh, didn't I tell you...everyone runs in costume) and off I went. Surprisingly, I did enjoy it! And some people don't believe in Christmas miracles! I wonder why I don't enjoy running 3+ miles on my own street. Do you think the secret to enjoying running is to pay someone so they can tell you where and when to run, like at a horse track early on a cold Saturday morning?

Lyndsay, Rashelle, Gail, Bryn, Me, Roz, Taryn, Amanda, Annie, Christina

Also Known As...
Blitzen, Santa, Cupid, Comet, Rudolph, Prancer, Dasher, Vixen, Dancer, & Donner

Since it was cold, my nose was naturally red for my costume as Rudolph. I forgot that I take forever to get warmed up even under warm indoor conditions and was off to a bad start. I did eventually warm up after almost 2 miles. Which is too bad since a 5k is just a little over 3 miles because then I felt like I could of kept running another couple of miles.

I was one of the last of our group to finish but the others were waiting for us so we could cross the finish line together. Go Team!

I loved seeing the other participants' costumes! And I'm already scheming for ours next year!

(And this is just the beginning...some old high school friends are pressuring me to run in a half marathon this summer...yikes!!!)


  1. I can't believe Jared made that bet! Who did he make it with, if not with me? You guys looks awesome! And this is "good" peer pressure.

  2. He made the bet with Shawn Richards :)

  3. I am with you I don't enjoy running at all, never have I used to cheat on the mile and half in gym in high school. So I think it's even more impressive that a non runner like myself did a 5K great job!