Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Love Thanksgiving...

...and not just for the food.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday...I say "probably" because I do tend to say whatever holiday is nearest is my favorite holiday.

I do love Thanksgiving for the food (I seriously did gain weight this year after 4 days at my parents' house where the thanksgiving food keeps giving and giving) but also that there is a whole holiday set aside for thanks and gratitude. If I had to choose a favorite virtue (I know, kinda of weird to choose a favorite virtue but I just did) it would be gratitude. It really isn't hard to give gratitude, it can be as easy as a simple, sincere thank you, and you get so much more in return such as instantly being in a better mood and feeling so virtuous. :)

Here are two of my greatest blessings: my husband and my daughter

I'm grateful for family: Especially to Grandma Edwards for the cute Thanksgiving outfit!

Since Thanksgiving is about food...

Here is Aurora being such a big girl and holding her own bottle. Jared and I still hold her most of the time for her feedings but it is nice when in a pinch we can give her a bottle and she will feed herself.

I was going to post a video of Aurora eating her very first solid food but apparently it is too big or too long and it won't post to blogger.

She did pretty good eating her first food, all things considered, but seems unsure about it being the future of food.


  1. Esther I didn't know you had a blog, I am so glad you commented, now I can blog stalk you too!

    I have to tell you I seriously cried when I read on Tammy' blog about you and Jared getting your sweet baby girl. You are the kind of person that was just born to be a mother, I am so happy for you. If happy is the right word more like overjoyed! She is so very beautiful, love that little stuffed outfit, perfect for Thanksgiving!

  2. I love her Thanksgiving outfit! She is growing up so much. I can never get my videos to post on blogger so I put them on youtube and then link it to my blog. Just a piece of advice...

  3. Ok, those pants are awesome! Love them!

  4. Oh I hope your took pictures of those first few bites! I love that skeptical look on their faces - the "This is all I can look forward to?" look. Don't worry - that changes pretty quickly....these babies are usually pretty thrilled when pureed bananas give way to pancakes, ice cream, and graham crackers!!