Thursday, November 5, 2009

Documentation of the indoctrination of the American girl

Being a people watcher by nature and a therapist by education, I sometimes act as a pseudo-sociologist. Here is my own documentation of the indoctrination of the American girl. My subjects are the two daughters of my dear friend Alyssa who has been trying her best to indoctrinate her children with some success...they have painted McDonald's pictures and own many Polly Pocket Disney Princess Dolls (yes, I did just provide a link to where you can buy your own indoctrination kit of princess dolls) but nothing is quite so quintessential as Barbie.

I haven't seen the girls play with any Barbies yet so I busted them out (no pun intended) one early fall morning while I was babysitting. It was a pretty sight with the sun streaming in through the windows highlighting the many colors of Barbie's wardrobe strewn about the living room and the unsuspecting girls happily playing.

In this pic, Kate is playing with my very first Barbie. (Indoctrination has a long and prestigious history.) Obviously, being 50 yrs old doesn't stop Barbie from doing moves like this.

But there was rebellion and independence brewing in our midst...

Marin put down her Barbie and began gathering all of the clothes and stuffing them into one of the doll's nightgowns. Apparently, she had enough of the unrealistic role model and created her own doll that she played with quite contently and had a hard time putting away when it was time for clean up.

Actually, I think it is a little more realistic to the average American woman, at least from all that I hear about obesity.

Then Kate kept trying to fix Barbie's wardrobe. It seems that everything was just a little too revealing even though previously I had already taken out the worst outfits.

It appears these girls might be a tougher case than I thought. Moral: I learned that I should not judge Alyssa so rashly in what I thought was neglect in her daughters' indoctrination.

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