Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

At our church's Family Fall Festival you could get your picture taken (thanks go out to Sheila, once again!) and we were excited about Aurora's first Halloween party.
Fortunately and Unfortunately we have a daughter who has very healthy sleep habits (admittedly that daughter also has a sleep nazi for a mother) and she slept through the whole party in her car seat! So this cowgirl & cowboy are missing their little horse.

This pic reminds me of my old "Sadies" dances in high school. It seems like I often found myself sitting on bales of hay in matching outfits with my date for those pics too.

Our little horse made an appearance on Halloween night when we had our second annual "healthy dinner with some friends before the trick or treating sugar high begins" party.

The DuBravac's, who hosted the party, live in this great neighborhood. It feels like you are trick or treating in a Norman Rockwell painting.
The beautiful neighborhood:

The beautiful friends:

We didn't officially "trick or treat" (she can't eat the candy and Jared and I sure don't need the candy) but Aurora managed to get a piece anyways...she is too cute for her own good.
(For anyone who is wondering or worried- she never actually ate the Snickers)

Happy Halloween from the Edwards Family!

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  1. Aurora made such a great pony! Rebekah was still talking about it the next day - - and thanks, again, for letting me use your camera when my battery died! I only have pictures of our trick-or-treating because of you!