Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's Go Swimming

I have been wanting to take Aurora swimming all summer since she seems to love water, at least bath water so much. There was finally the perfect day- warm but overcast, had A's bathing suit, my parents pool, and Grandma nearby to help if needed or at least to take pictures.

She is sooo cute! I'm sure you can guess what happened the minute I took off her diaper and put on her swimsuit... if you can't guess there is a clue in the picture above :)

She didn't get excited and kick or smile but she didn't cry or get upset either.
She was her usual laid back self except she wouldn't take her eyes off the water and the look on her face seemed to say "I might be okay with this but I'm watching you all the same."
We sang "The Goldfish Song" all day after that.

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