Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One of my favorite photos that I have is a Four Generations pic that includes my maternal great grandma on down to me as a 6yr old. I want a generations picture for Aurora too but I keep forgetting...

So here is a 3 generation pic with Jared's grandma and mom. To cover up my mistake, I have been saying Jared was the weakest link and got voted out of the picture.

Since I was kicking myself over the missed opportunity from above...the next weekend I made sure to get at least one Four Generation picture at my brother's wedding.
We love all our family!


  1. Great idea, I love it! Kind of like our VISTA generation pic ;)

  2. What a great picture. Also, it's a great picture of you Esther. Red must be your color. You look good!

  3. Esther, I LOOOOOOOOVE this! So much more than she'd have with me... I love you guys! =) So, I'm hooked to the net now, yay! And I created a gmail account just for you guys, K? (mommaAhere@gmail.com I may even begin a special blog, whaddya think?) Love you all!