Friday, July 17, 2009


Aurora is progressing quickly from smiling and cooing to singing. I'm thinking about entering her in "America Has Talent" and if I can get her to nail down that accent maybe we will go to Britain as well.

Seriously, she talks a lot more when I sing her favorite songs. This one is "Once a Upon A Dream" pretty much her theme song. For many reasons some obvious and some not but I know that we knew each other before this life.

Since Aurora means "dawn" or "light" I sing all the songs I know about sunshine such as "You Are My Sunshine" & "My Girl" because I have sunshine on a cloudy day and "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam." Can you think of any other sunny songs?


  1. Cute! Caylor did that a lot when he was younger. It is so much fun. I try to do music time with him everyday and he loves it. She is just as cute as could be, I can't wait to see her again.

  2. Her singing with you is too cute. I bet she is getting so big! It's been a month since I have seen her, little babies everywhere. How fun!!

  3. You are sooo a mother after my own heart! Just like me, E, except you record more than I ever have... I LOVE IT!!! She's so fabulous! (Not that I ever thought she'd be otherwise, but you know... =) Thank you, thank you, Esther, for having this blog & keeping up with it so well!!! I love you!