Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tyler is one of Aurora's cousins and fans. He is 7 1/2 years old and is 5 ft. tall and is often described as "a bull in a china shop." He really is a tornado of energy but anytime he saw Aurora he would immediately slow down and be very calm & peaceful. He then would come over and stroke her hair.

It was quite extraordinary, funny and sweet to see a tornado stop mid-destruction and be as calm as a sunny day at dawn.

Tyler was always asking to hold her and feed her. He was truly very good with her!

Aurora is related to a lot of tornadoes. This one is named Brendan. He too would stop mid-destruction to reprimand all the room with a "SHHH!" and point to Aurora or his brother Colin and then stroke Aurora's hair.

(Obviously I'm not the only one obsessed with my daughter's hair!)
He would often throw in a loving head bonk for good measure.

This is Aurora's younger cousin (by about a month) Colin. You can tell Aurora is a 1st child because she obviously doesn't like to share her bouncer while Colin is the 5th child and doesn't seem to even notice that there is someone else in the bouncer with him, giving off the attitude of "isn't it always like this?"

I really find this so adorable...so here is some video that Jared captured.

We love our cousins!


  1. That is so cute! We can't wait to meet Aurora!

  2. I just found your blog through Erin's! How are you guys? You look great and Aurora is just lovely! Oh, and Happy Birthday!