Monday, August 30, 2010


By popular demand
here are pics of my not-so-new-anymore haircut that I mentioned in a previous post.
I decided that I was never going to get a good candid shot of it.
So I had Jared take some...

(Don't mind the date on the pics. Aurora turned the date function on while playing with the camera. I just haven't gotten around to turning it off yet or at least setting it to the current date. She also setup the bluetooth function on my cell phone for me...she's quite technologically savvy).

For comparison sake:
The day before the haircut
(If you can't tell I really love my plaid shirt with white sweater...I'm wearing it both times :)

Then I took a couple myself so I could make all the silly, crazy faces I wanted without comment from the peanut gallery (aka my husband :)

It's getting quite long...I'll probably chop it off for Locks of Love again at some point.

Now that you have seen way more photos than you ever wanted of my hair...
Here is another update:
For those concerned about my library woes--please be at ease.
For I gave in and crossed over the river & the state line (only 5mins further than the library I was currently patronizing) and paid $25 to be a member of a library there.
I will just simply say: It's wonderful.
The librarian was apologetic about having to charge me the $25 but I stopped him midsentence
 "No, No this is utterly worth it. I am willing to support a library like this.
Also, no worries I will get my $25 worth out of it."
I believe I already have.


  1. Wow! I'm glad you found a library you like, and your hair looks great!!

  2. I love the haircut! So cute! I would do something like that if my hair would allow it... Also, I am glad you found a library you love! That is so important.

  3. You have beautiful hair, I love it!

  4. Cute haircut! And I LOVE the headband.

  5. I love the haircut! It's so classy!