Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Catch-Up

I love summer!
Despite that it has been in the 90's for months now
(living right next to a large river makes the humidity horrendous! Even worse than farther south in Lexington)
we still have done some fun summer activities.

Summer Activity #1
Aurora loves water.
She loves baths, washing her hands in the sink, the fountains in front of the library
and of course swimming!
At my brother's house...
we are so lucky they have the inclination to keep up a pool and let us use it whenever we want!!!

At the Edward's family reunion with cousin Suzy.

Summer Activity #2
Aurora loves the park, especially the swing. 
After a little more time and exposure to it, she now loves to slide too. 
Over and over and over again.

Although cousin Colin may love the slide more than she does.

Summer Activity #3
Aurora loves animals.
She "ruffs" and makes the sign for doggie whenever we see one even if it's in a book.

She also "meows" and chases our cats...of course what cat wouldn't love that.
(They actually tolerate it rather well).

And when we went to the petting zoo with Alyssa & Co.
She liked the goat...

...and the goat seemed to like her back.
It followed Aurora around for awhile afterwards.

Summer Activity #4
Aurora has done some hiking this summer too.
With a portion of our new friends, the Snow family.

This is pretty much the one and only pic of me
 to prove that I too did all these summer activities.
Not even a good pic of my new cute haircut.
(I got bangs! I haven't had bangs since I was 8.)
At the top of the fire tower.
Aurora looks unhappy because she wanted to get down and crawl/walk around
but there wasn't enough space for her to do so safely.

Summer Activity #5
Another activity that I have been having so much fun with:
Art projects!
She actually does pretty well and doesn't eat the paint or the crayons...

Deal Bragging:
I got this picnic table and a slide (you know the one- it's orange & blue)
for $5 on Craig's List.

The best summer activity has been being with family and friends!
Thanks for good times and memories everyone even if I didn't get pictures of it.


  1. Your hair is soooo long!

    It looks like you're having a great summer!

  2. Goodness she is getting so big, she looks so much like a little toddler no longer a baby. Looks like lots of fun and make sure and take a picture of your new haircut I would love to see it!

  3. Hey Esther! This is Anna Clark. Your hair looks soooooo long and gorgeous! I'd love to see your bangs. And this is the first I've really seen of your baby girl. So precious! Looks like you've had a great summer. E-mail me and I can sign you up on my blog:

    ace.myspot @