Monday, June 7, 2010

Moving: A How To by Aurora

First, you need the boxes:

Then some tape:
Why is it always so difficult to find the end on these things?

Seriously, some spit helps it to stick better

Of course, always have a Grandma near by to do all the real work.
Although I loosened the end of the tape for her so she could find it.

Mission accomplished.
I don't know what you were complaining about Mom.

Now on to
Disassembling the Furniture

Do we have the crib?

Do we have Daddy as your assistant and grunt man?

Do we have the "tool of power" aka a wrench?

Do we have choice words prepared to scream if things don't go as they should?
Once again Mom, I don't know what you were complaining about.
This was fun!

Oh yeah, I also assigned Daisy to be the overseer in your bedroom since I can't be everywhere at once.

That's the key to success, Mom:
Delegate, Delegate, Delegate.


  1. Good thing you have those two keeping you in line! Loved this cute.

  2. You nailed it! That's exactly what packing looks like for us too! OR, it would, if we had a cat.

  3. Seriously, next time I move, I am claiming Aurora as long as she brings her tool of power, her magically powerful spit, and the cat overseer. Thx for the laughs Esther!