Monday, June 7, 2010

Aurora's 1st Birthday

"Nobody can be un-cheered with a balloon."
-from the ever-wise and ever silly old bear, Winnie the Pooh

Originally I was a little hesitant to throw a Winnie the Pooh birthday party for Aurora. I knew in the years to come she would possibly want "commericalized" birthday parties such as Dora, Disney Princesses etc...
Which is fine but I was thinking of taking advantage of this opportunity where she doesn't really care and go uncommericalized but the girl really does love Pooh Bear, so Pooh Bear it was (with balloons and flowers added in).

I had a lot of fun with the decorations.
The bear himself:

The invitations that I handmade:

We asked that everyone bring children's books to be donated to the children at the women's shelter where Momma A stayed when she was pregnant with Aurora in lieu of gifts.

Aurora woke up lethargic and clingy that day. She is never lethargic and clingy. I took her temperature before the was normal. She didn't nap very well before the party and although she did pretty well throughout she just wasn't herself. After the party I took her temperature again and this time it was 103. This was her first time to ever have a temperature. She never had one with her shots, with teething, she only had one cold so far and no temperature. I found it a little ironic that she would be sick on her birthday.

This is probably the best pic we got of her all day.

Playing with some of the party guests.

I had all the party guests make water globes using Pooh figurines and baby food jars. I got the idea from here and tweaked it some.  They were easy and a lot of fun!

We gave Aurora this "adventure tent" for her birthday.  She loves it! 
A couple days previous to the party:



Friends enjoying it at the party:

Here is a video of Aurora and her birthday cake. 
(Sorry it wouldn't post). 
For more pics of her cake, go to my food blog.

The cake aftermath: You can tell she just didn't feel too good.

Group picture:

This is her the next day in her Sunday birthday dress.  She was feeling a lot better after a nice bath, a good night's rest, lots of liquids and some medicine.
(After taking this pic, Jared said that I make my "crazy" face too often. Pfffttt to him :)

All in all it was a nice birthday and a fun time!
Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!


  1. What cute decorations! I love Winnie the Pooh too, Aurora.

    How sad that she was sick for her party! Poor girl.

    I also make a similar crazy face for pictures. My dad has also commented that I make it too often. Pffft.

  2. Aww that is so sad that she was sick on her birthday! :( Amy and Hallie were both sick on Hallie's first birthday.

    I thought all of the Pooh Bear stuff was cute! And how creative to make those globes!

  3. I can't believe she is already one! That is terribly sad to be sick on her birthday, just not fair. I think your crazy face is darling, husbands what do they know...

  4. I love it! Aurora is looking so much bigger and wiser - what a sweetheart. And pfft to Jared from me also (but still fond of you anyways Jared).

  5. Oh I missed my chance to wish her a happy first! :( She's so cute!! Happy belated birthday!