Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our New Home

Thanks for allowing me to vent on the last post. 
I needed a little sympathy and shamelessly went fishing for some.

Just a couple of days after my fishing in shallow waters, we received and accepted an offer on our home.
A couple of days after that we put an offer on a new home that was accepted. We move out on the 19th and move in on the 24th.

Here are pics of our new home that we are really excited about. The furnishings in the pics of the home belong to the current owner (I wish a few items were ours) but it might be awhile before I get pics of it with our stuff.

The house is on a double lot and is just under 1/2 acre which is an amazing find in the city.
It's on a very quiet street just 1 mile from Jared's work. In Lexington, Jared rode 10 miles a day on his bike coming and going from work. Here he can ride his bike in his suit if he wants to because it's so close he won't even break a sweat.

The house is very nicely landscaped both in the front yard and the backyard. We do plan to add more flowers along the other side of the walkway that leads to the front door.

I love that it has a red door...I have a fondness for red front doors.

The Living Room:
with beautiful hardwood floors & trim and there are lots of windows letting in lots of light.
I'm trying to decide if I will paint the living room and/or dining room...any suggestions?

The Dining Room that sports a nice light fixture...actually the whole house sports nice light fixtures.
Next we will go through the doorway shown below and into...

...the first bedroom (it's on the right).
There is another bedroom on the left that looks almost exactly like this one.

This is the bathroom on the main level.

Also located in the hallway with the bedrooms and bathroom are these stairs that lead to...

...the third bedroom.
 I think this room is very cute and I like the green paint a lot.
It has a huge closet and a little sitting area right outside of the bedroom.
I'm not sure if I'm going to make this the master bedroom or if it will be Aurora's room.
What do you think?

If you continue straight through the dining room and do not stop at 'Go' (aka the hallway) you will enter the small kitchen.  This is probably the only major downside to this house. The cabinets and countertop you see in this pic is all there is to see of cabinets and counter space. 
I like the look of the kitchen although it is a little sterile...again any suggestions on color or something to spruce it up?

We think there is enough room to add cabinets and counter space with a lazy susan here along this wall.

Through the kitchen you can go down the stairs to a large, nicely finished basement.
This is one end of the long carpeted area of the basement.

This is the other end of that room.
There isn't a ceiling but it's been painted black and surprisingly I like it in a modern sort of way.

This room here is opposite the other room and has a new laminate hardwood floor.
They use it as a wet bar but we will most likely put it to other uses. :)
Although not shown, there is another full bathroom in the basement. So if you come and visit it will be like having your own guest suite.

If you go back up the stairs, you will come to a little foyer area where you can return to the kitchen or go into my favorite room of the house: the sun room.

I love the lightness that exudes from all the windows and the sky blue walls.

The sunroom has vents for heat or a/c so it can be used comfortably year round!

The sunroom leads out onto the deck and backyard.

This is the only pic we have of the backyard. It has a privacy fence all the way around it with plenty of room for our garden, a playset for Aurora, some adventures for our two cats and possibly a dog!
There isn't a garage (unless we buy a Mini Coop or a VW Bug...I wish!) but there is a large newer shed that looks like a garage.

The house is only a block from a nice, big park and the city pool. Also about a block in the other direction is a very cute looking elementary school.

We are really sad to leave Lexington, we have loved the 6 years we have lived here but at the same time we are excited to be together again in this cute house.


  1. Congrats!!! I love the new house, it's beautiful!!! So glad you guys can be together again!!! It's nice too that everything is just so close.

  2. That sunroom would be enough to sell me on the house too, it's so great I am so jealous, I would love a sunroom. The whole house looks so wonderful, I can't wait to see the pictures of it with all of your belongings and decorations in it. Have fun getting all settled in....that is my favorite part about moving!

  3. Congratulations! Your new home looks great and seems charming. Good luck making your house a home as you unpack and decorate. Oh! The double lot is awesome!

  4. What a pretty house! That will be so much fun. Congrats!!

  5. CUTE!! And Congrats!! By the way I haven't been able to get your phone number from Sierra and I needed to talk to you, can you call me? 859-582-6816

  6. Love, love, love it! The sunroom is awesome, and I really like the shade of green in the stairs and one of the rooms. I feel you on the kitchen issue. It looks like you have about the same amount of counter and cabinet space that we do. We ended up buying a large pantry cabinet, and that worked pretty well for us. I use the table when I need more counter space. Usually though, if I don't get behind on the dishes, I'm okay in that department. :) Yay hooray for things working out!!

  7. Oh it looks so cute. What fun it is to move and get to start afresh. I am sure you will love it.

  8. So very pretty! Congratulations. As for kitchen color we have a warm not to yellow yellow made by Behr called clam chowder. We love it so much we used it in KY and here in NE. It looked great w/ our white cabinets and now with our wood too.