Sunday, April 18, 2010


So, I've been really busy lately with things that are additional to the normal busy everyday life.

Busy Item #1:
Since February we've had about 2-3 showings of our house every week.  The good news: This is great news!  It means people are interested. It puts us so much closer to getting an offer and selling our house. Which means so much closer to being a family that lives under the same roof all the time. The bad news: I have to clean my house, usually by myself, all the time! My house is pretty clean generally but I feel the need to do all I can to sell our house which means to me- spotless perfection for every showing. I also have to leave my house for an hour for every showing and I have to have myself put together enough to go out in public after cleaning a house like crazy and having all the things Aurora needs to go out ready etc...  Then on top of that the showing usually occurs either at dinner time or Aurora's nap time or bedtime.  It is not fun to do this several times every week for several months now. 

Busy Item #2:
I'm in charge of the Indiana/Kentucky FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) conference coming up in Indianapolis on May 1st. This is a rather large undertaking that I'm not going to bore you with all the details of the planning.  Although I am going to invite anyone in the area who is interested in adoption in any way or just wants more information about adoption to come! I'm very excited about everything we have planned. Go here for more information and schedule of events.

On that note, I want to share a small snippet of my testimony and Momma A's testimony about adoption.  I was talking with Momma A on the phone yesterday when she shared this with me:

"When I think about adoption and the giving of Aurora it can be hard, but just for a moment.  Because the very next moment Heavenly Father gives me such peace in the knowledge that she is happy, safe and loved. I know that my daughter is with her mother. Thank you for being her mother, for being a part of this peace and giving me this gift."

I was struck by the parallel in her words to some of my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I shared this with her and now you:

"Before when we were weren't able to become pregnant and then later when we started considering adoption but felt it wasn't the right course for us yet at that time, I sometimes became frustrated, sad or start to feel self-pity but it would only last a moment. Because the very next moment Heavenly Father would send peace and comfort. I always heard the words in my head and heart: It's okay, everything will work out. And I always knew that it would be okay and it was/is okay.  So thank you for being the fulfillment of Heavenly Father's promise to me."

It reminds me of the quote by President Spencer W. Kimball who said: “God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.”

Busy Item #3
I just finished a 50 page workbook (or what I like to call a "guide book") that I have been working on for about 3 years. It's for adoptive families to help them strengthen secure attachment and encourage positive adoptive identity. Now it just has to be edited by others probably a hundred more times and I hope to find a publisher for it too. Yikes!

Busy Item #4
I am busy planning Aurora's first birthday in a month but I'm keeping my plans a secret for now. Don't worry, I'll blog about it later.

I have rediscovered once again, that if I turn all these things over to God and ask Him "What would you have me do about this?" I get so much more accomplished with so much more peace and happiness.


  1. Wow Esther! I nominate you for Superwoman!! AND with all that going on you still find the time to read a book or two!

    I hope the house gets an offer soon, and that the conference you are planning goes well!!

  2. You are so wonderful, this post has me a little teary eyed, what an amazing mother you are.

    Good luck with the house selling, that would be so hard to keep the house looking presentable all the time, that alone is a full time job!

  3. That is a lot to keep you busy! I'm glad you're done with the house showing at least. Yay! And congratulations on writing/compiling (whichever) your book. That is amazing!!