Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is this fabulous or blasphemous?

I truly don't know what I think about painting hardwood floors.
Is it fabulous or blasphemous?!
Will you help me decide?
This is a time sensitive decision and project because each option takes time to do and would be easier to do before we move the furniture in, which is in a week:
Option 1: refinish
Option 2: paint
Option 3: carpet
Here is the situation.
Aurora's room:
At the moment it has really old light pink carpet in the room
which I've already cut into pieces to be hauled out of there
Underneath the carpet is original hardwood floor that doesn't look horrible
but we're pretty sure will need to be refinished.
It's not my favorite hardwood floor as it's a little more orange than I like
as my favorite wood is the dark wood.
These two pictures are of the already refinished master bedroom hardwood floor.
Lil A's room could and would most likely look like this with refinishing.

Hardwood floors especially old original hardwood floors
have so much soul, character and wisdom.
These are pretty with nice warmth even if it's not my absolute favorite type and color of hardwood floors.
Keeping hardwood floors looking clean drives me a bit more insane than I usually am.
There are always dust bunnies and some dirt on the floor No Matter What I DO!
I don't usually just plop right down and play on a hardwood the room will need a good sized rug.
Look at these possibilities of painted hardwood floors

Oh My Goodness!
They are fabulous to look at
if you just don't think about the blasphemous act of what you did to get this result.
So fun!
Possibilities are endless.
If you get tired of it just paint over it again or hide it under carpet.
These floors were hiding under carpet already which makes me feel a little less guilty about painting them if that's what I decide.
Painted floors are still hardwood floors so the cons of cleaning and playing on them still apply.
You can never get your hardwood floors back again! I think that's what scares me the most is the permanency of this decision.
One more thing to consider:
Carpet can be comfy, soft and inviting.
It says come lay and play on me.
I like that I can vacuum and I won't see dust bunnies or dirt right takes a day or two.
Most carpets (not all) are bit boring
and I couldn't find hardly any inspiring children's rooms that had carpet in it to pin to my inspiration board or to show you on this blog:
(If anyone has pics of beautiful children's bedrooms with carpet...send them my way).
 This one has carpet but it isn't quite the soft, fuzzy carpet that I find inviting.
I would still prefer to play on this carpet with it's padding versus a hardwood floor though.
Also carpets wear out and get stained although there is some carpets out there that are supposedly stain-proof or come out with just a little water.
I haven't ruled out the option of carpet but I think I'll carpet the big playroom and go with either refinishing the hardwood floors or painting them.
What do you think?
Fabulous? or Blasphemous?


  1. I love the painted floor, but personally, I'd be afraid to do it. Like you said, once it's done, it's done, no more turning back. I love the look of hardwood floor, but especially in the bedroom, you need a rug. I'd keep the hardwood, and get a fun rug to put in there. And by the way, I hear ya when it comes to all those dust bunnies....I HATE them. BUT! I am willing to put up with them and vacuum just about everyday. I look at it this way; if your hard floors have all that dust and durt, so do your carpets, and you can't mop a carpet.

  2. The painted floors are super cute, but I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do it! I say refinish them, you can probably use a darker stain to make them more pleasant to look at and then put a large rug where you would play!

  3. Paint hardwood floors, you should not (sorry, I have been reading Origami Yoda, Esther). Carpet the floors you should not - hardwood floors in bedroom, less dustmites you have; better for allergies, they are. (I don't know if A has allergies, but something to consider it is).

  4. Maybe it's just because I'm still young and impetuous, but I'm in love with those floors! If you have to refinish the floors anyway, what can a coat of paint hurt. If you don't like it you CAN strip it it away... it just takes a little more work.

  5. I support whatever you decide, though you've probably already made your choice, I simply must say: You are one of the most darling & intelligent women alive. Period. P.S. I love you beyond comprehension!! Oh, & I look forward to seeing the results, in person, one o' these days... XOXO!

  6. So what did you decide to do?? I'm so curious. I won't weigh in on the decision, since you've most likely already made it, but I'm really curious!

  7. So I know you probably have already decided but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. I think carpet is the way to go for sure, and what we've done is we have carpeted floors and have rugs in most of our rooms... it adds a bit of fun to each of the rooms and ties it together. You're so right about the permanency of painting the hard wood, but it is gorgeous :D