Friday, September 24, 2010

Mini Vacate: Part 2

In downtown Indy there is a canal
that runs right next to many of the museums, restaurants, hotels etc...
One end of the canal happened to be right outside our hotel.

It's really quite beautiful.
I've always wanted to walk the whole thing.
So Aurora and I set out one morning to walk the canal.
But silly me I thought this was just some little decorative thing they call a "canal"
and would take us 30mins to stroll around.
But the canal is so much more.

There are lots of pretty little sitting spots

and waterfalls,

and fountains,

and bridges,

and even gondolas,

and pieces of art & other interesting things to look at

all during your 3 mile stroll around the canal.

It was peaceful and pretty. I just wasn't prepared for how long it was (I was wearing flip-flops, no sunblock and next to no water for Lil A while it was quickly becoming a hot sunny day etc...) 
Aurora ended up taking her nap on the go.

Later after lunch and another nap. We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum
which is one of the best in the nation. 

As a child, I went to the Children's Museum every year on school field trips.
Then as a teen, I volunteered at my local children's museum but once a month we went to Indy and volunteered and help out during their Family Nights.
Early in our marriage, I made Jared go with me to the haunted house they sponsor.
I've been waiting for the day when I would take my own daughter/son to the museum
and the day had finally arrived.

Playing in the sand with friends.

Playing at the water table.

Playing on the indoor cushion playground that's just her size.

Then there are the staples of every museum visit:
The carousel 
Mesmerized by the carousel while waiting in line.

Getting your picture taken in the Indy 500 car.
I believe my mom has a pic of me in this very car.

And the World's Largest Water Clock:
The reason we couldn't get the whole clock in the pic.

We also saw the dinosaur exhibit that was really cool. Also a touching exhibit titled
The Power of Children: Making A Difference which was an interactive (of course) exhibit about Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges and Ryan White.
I wished we lived a little closer so we could go more often. I had so much fun
and Aurora probably did too. :)

It is such a small world because while we were there we ran into our friend Joanna, who had just moved to Indy recently.
We got to see her boys and her new little baby girl. So fun!

We finished off our vacation by visiting with some other dear friends over dinner.
Thanks Ryan & Mimi!
It was a great little getaway. Jared should have conferences like this more often.


  1. She is getting so big and beautiful, I just love the way you style her hair, so angel like, what a pretty little girl you have!

    Oh and that canal looks pretty gorgeous too!

  2. See, so you totally understand why it's important to join the Mister on their trips whenever possible. I'm glad your trip to Indy worked out better than mine to Minneapolis!

    And see, it's wives like you that have to go without their misters for so much longer that make me feel so selfish when I complain!! I really do wish we could get together. Why didn't they put Kentucky and Nebraska just a little closer together?!

  3. I had no idea the canal had gondolas—how cool! I also had no idea it was so long. And beautiful. I will have to make that part of the trip the next time I am there. Was it easy to find parking near by? And by that I mean free parking. :) Yay for mini vacations.