Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Adoption Story Cont...

So we thought we were basically done with everything we needed to do and we were just going to play the waiting game...with LDS Family Services the birthparents choose the adoptive parents and on average it takes about a year from starting the process to placement.

We began getting ready for the baby slowly by painting the baby's room green, setting up the crib and unpacking all the baby stuff I had collected over the years.

Stuffed animal friends awaiting the new baby.

My sister-in-law, Jessie and my niece Sabra gave us some very cute girl furniture for the baby's room. Up to this point I did not have a prefrence for either a boy or a girl...then I wanted to have a girl just a little more than a boy because this stuff was so cute! :)

Another sister-in-law, Tiffany sent us the onesie on the left and a card congratulating us on our "paper pregnancy." Our friend Rozalyn gave us the other two onesies at that time too. It was really nice to have these concrete evidences that we were really "expecting a baby."
...But it wasn't our lot just to wait and nest. It so happens that we chose to adopt during a time when the agency was switching to a new website. The website is great, you should really check it out.
We were told in late Sept 2008 that we had to make another profile and it wasn't compatible with our first one, so we would have to start almost from scratch on it. This really shouldn't of been a big deal. The profiles contain a letter you write to the birthparents, pictures, and a questionnaire you answer about yourself such as what is your favorite book, movie, food etc...

But it was a big deal. It's hard to make these profiles even though they seem simple and easy because there is so much riding on the profile, it's emotionally draining. So I did what I do best when the going gets tough: I withdraw, I avoid, I evade. So in other words we didn't make the new profile. Our first profile was up and running although we weren't sure for how long; we took our chances and just went with that.

Then in January 2009, (that's right 3 months later...some of you thought I was joking when I say I am an expert escape artist when I want to be) I got the distinct impression that if we didn't complete the new online profile the baby that Heavenly Father had planned for us would not be coming to our home. We finished the profile by the end of January. Three weeks later Momma A contacted us for the first time through the secure email that you set up with the agency.

Momma A has her own history and story of events that led her to us that is just as guided by God as ours was. We both have so many moments that happened through out the process that we know was not coincidence but divine guidance and assurance that this was the right path and choice for us. How grateful we are that He is in the details of our lives!

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